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Birding Festival


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Mesoamerican Birdinf Festival

Registration Deadline Feb. 6th

Festival de Aves

1. Guide Training Course (16-20 February)

2. Bird Festival (23-26 February)

3. Post Tour (27 February to 1 March)


February - P.m.-Course participants meet in the Hotel Las Glorias conference room. Instructions, i.d. techniques, divide in groups, etc.

16 February - A.m.- Bird watching in the field. Both groups at PANACAM.. P.m.- In-class instructions-Los Pinos. More bird watching.

17 February – A.m.- Birdwatching in the field. Group 1-Santa Barbara N.P., Group 2-Hotel Las Glorias. Group 1- lunch in the field. P.m. – Bird watching in the field-same sites.

18 February – A.m.- Bird watching in the field. Group 1- Hotel Las Glorias; Group 2- Santa Bárbara. Group 2- lunch in the field. P.m. – Bird watching in the field-same sites.

19 February – A.m.-Bird watching in the field. Group 1- Los Naranjos archaeological site, Group 2-Finca El Paraiso. Lunch at H. Las Glorias-both groups. P.m.- In-class instructions-Las Glorias conference room.

20 February – 20 of February – A.m.- Bird watching in the field. Group 1- Finca El Paraiso. Group 2- Los Naranjos archaeological site Lunch at H. Las Glorias-both groups. P.m.-study time---exam.

Course Description

Objetives This course was designed in order for participants to learn how to identify birds in the field by sight and sound as well as learn their English names.

Course Structure Participants will spend most of their time in the field learning how to identify birds using binoculars as well as learning the bird calls. The areas to be visited will include: Santa Barbara N.P., Lake Yojoa environs and Cerro Azul Meambar N.P. Some of the ecosystems found here include: vast wetlands, seasonally flooded forest, pre-montane and montane broadleaf forest, disturbed areas and gardens.

Each day both groups will leave the hotel very early towards their prospective birding sites. By midday they will break for lunch according to each site. After lunch they will continue bird watching and/or receive class instructions according to schedule. The names in English will be heavily emphasized and will be used throughout the course as well as the exam.

At the end of the five days each participant will receive an exam. It will consist of photographs, some illustrations and some bird calls for many of the species encountered during the course. The entire exam will be in English. The exam results will appear on each person’s diploma.


The course organizers will divide the entire group into two groups according to their English proficiency and previous bird watching skills.


Each participant should bring their own pair of binoculars. Each participant will be responsible for arriving at H. Las Glorias for the course. Each participant should be in good enough physical condition to be able to walk several kilometers a day, at times on uneven, steep and rocky trails.


Each participant will receive a complete bird list of the Lake Yojoa area prior to the course (printed or digital copy). The list will high light the species that will most likely be encountered during the course, thus allowing more of an opportunity to learn the English names.

Course Participants

30 Participants


This course is being sponsored with a grant from USAID so there will be no charge for course costs. However, for those who are selected to participate they will have to pay a Lps. 2,000.00 deposit to claim their space. This is a refundable deposit that will be returned to the participant at the moment they are checking in on Feb. 15th. If the person does not arrive they will forfeit their deposit, without exceptions. Those who qualify for the course will receive information regarding the deposit.



22 February –Participants arrive at Lake
- Transfer from the SPS airport
- Registrations
- Have a couple guides available for early arrivals
- Inauguration: audiovisual presentation, speeches, announcements, party

23 to 26 February -Bird Watching Festival

Bird watching in the following sites:

1. Hotel Finca Las Glorias- easy walk; areas visited include marsh and gardens; lunch at Las Glorias; 15 persons.

2. Sitio Arqueológico Los Naranjos-easy walk; areas visited include marsh and rain forest; lunch at Las Glorias; 15 persons.

3. Finca El Paraiso- easy to moderate walk; areas visited include gardens, plantations, and forests; lunch at Las Glorias; 15 persons.

4. Parque Nacional Santa Bárbara- difficult walk; areas visited include cloud forest and open areas; breakfast and lunch in the field; 10 persons.

5. Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar (Grupo 1)- moderate to difficult walk; areas visited include forests and gardens; lunch in the field; 15 persons.

6. Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar (Grupo 2)- short and easy walk; areas visited include forests and gardens; lunch in the field; 15 persons.

7. Hotel Agua Azul- easy walk, areas visited include marsh, gardens, and riparian forests; lunch at Hotel Agua Azul; 15 persons.

26 February - P.M.—Closing ceremony

The prices for the Bird Festival component will be as follows:

$ 365.00 for double occupancy
$ 460.00 for single supplement

These prices include the following:
1. Inscription to the event,
2. Transportation to/from San Pedro Sula int`l airport,
3. Room according to price paid,
4. 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, desserts, soft drinks,
5. Guiding services for each planned outing,
6. A copy of the Birds of Lake Yojoa,
7. Opportunity to attend seminars during the conference,
8. Transportation to the bird watching sites during the event,
9. Misc. conference materials.

These prices do not include the following:
1. Alcoholic beverages
2. Laundry service
3. Phone call or other items of a personal nature

Festival Registration

Payment in Honduras:
Banco de Occidente
Robert Gallardo
Acct. In Lempiras #21-102-009465-3

Upon making a deposit in this account please notify Robert Gallardo at giving him the amount deposited and for whom the payment is for (the person attending the event).


Post Tour

Feb 27 - Mar 1

Feb. 27
a.m. Early morning birding at Hotel Las Gloriales, breakfast.
a.m. Departure for Copan Ruins-lunch
p.m. Visit to Enchanted Wings Nature Center

Feb. 28
a.m. Early morning birding nearby in foothills
p.m. Visit to Copan Ruins archaeological site

March 1
a.m. Transfer to San Pedro Sula-int`l departures

More information about the Post Tour


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